Gasoline Vehicles

Basic Oil Change--$59.99

Full Synthetic Oil Change--$79.99

Premium Full Synthetic Oil Change--$95

Performance $119.99

European Vehicles

Euro Oil Change--$124.99

Premium Euro Oil Change--$164.99

Diesel Trucks

Synthetic Blend Oil Change--$109.99

Full Synthetic Oil Change--$164.99

Tire Rotation--$20

Oil Analysis--$40

Metal Wiper Blades(2)--$25

Beam Wiper Blades(2)--$50

Air Filter--$25*

Cabin Air Filter--$35*

Fuel Filter--$60*

Power Steering Fluid Flush--$90*

Transmission Fluid/Filter Change--$160*

*Starting price, this can vary based on the vehicle, fluid capacity, and price of parts.