About Us

Our Promise

We promise to provide you with honest ethical service. If there is any indication of misrepresentation or dishonest service, please communicate this to us, whether it is a letter, message, call, or face to face, we will fix any issues, no matter the mountains we must climb!

Our Mission

We want to provide the Treasure Valley a service that will allow them be more efficient. The most valuable thing we have is TIME, it goes by too fast, we cant get it back, and we lose way too much of it! Therefore, we would like to do what we can to help save some of your time for more enjoyable things! We also want you to have trust when someone does maintenance on your vehicles. You should feel comfortable handing your keys over, and know your vehicle is in good hands. We look forward to creating a relationship with you, and your vehicles!

Our Goals

  • Communicating effectively with our clients, to ensure the BEST service!
  • Provide ACCURACY & maintain EFFICIENCY for our clients!
  • Provide INSIGHT of potential issues before it's a problem!
  • Ensure our clients SATISFACTION, or their money back!
  • ELIMINATING any hidden costs - keep looking, you won't find any!

I am Jeremy, my wonderful wife Bree and I co-founded Oil Change PROS from scratch. We wanted to create a service that caters to you, a service that is needed in this day in age, when you can get nearly anything on the go, or brought to you. Now, oil changes can come to your home or office with the click of a few buttons!

​Bree and I have 5 kiddos, 3 princesses, 2 princes, 2 fur kids, and 3 fish! We are a family that loves the outdoors. We enjoy casual bike rides, hikes, and exploring locally and not-so-local areas. We are also a board games and sleepovers kind of family. We love experiences over material possessions any day of the week! We cherish our family time and hope to help you to have more time with yours!